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Agile conquered the tech world starting in Silicon Valley. It has swept through startups and enterprises worldwide, changing the way these companies organize and code. But it does not always go as planned.

Design a cover for a book that will change the tech business

Agile promises more innovation, less employee churn, tighter community, increased brand loyalty, happier staff, faster software releases, better product-market fit, and increased user adoption… all leading to more revenue and more success… but only if it works.

Facebook, Google, GE and Spotify all claim unbelievable gains by using Agile methodologies, yet many companies implement it and often end up with a waterfall/Agile hybrid (‘wagile’) that does not work. Why? What makes one company’s Agile less successful than, say, Spotify’s?

This book contains the remarkably simple answer. It gives practical methods for correcting your Agile course to benefit fully from this remarkable approach to product development.

Along the way it addresses sticky subjects such as how to deal with

  • failed Agile maintenance
  • Agile scaling woes
  • staff who express a fear of change
  • bureaucracy that gets in the way
  • tackling such a big task!
  • scrummasters clashing with product owners
  • Agile, Lean, Design Thinking, and knowing which toolsets to use
  • how to reduce time wasted in meetings

Balanced Agile weaves together practical tips, anecdotes from the trenches and clear thinking to create the ultimate guide to practical, balanced Agile.

Target audience: Startup entrepreneurs, business consultants, technology team members, enterprise C-suite – Business people in countries with thriving tech industries, middle to upper income

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About the author

cauri has 25 years experience building technology. He works with startups and fortune 100 companies to optimise Agile and build better products for their market. He speaks and writes regularly about future technology and innovation.


This book will walk you through the steps to take a failing Agile setup and – instead of compromising and creating a wagile mess – push it farther to get the gains that thousands of companies across the world have claimed: more innovation, less employee churn, happier staff, tighter community, increased brand loyalty, faster software releases, better product-market fit, and increased user adoption… all leading to more revenue and more success.

Understanding Balanced Agile will help anyone involved in an Agile transformation or implementation.

  • Consultants will get tools to help them install Agile practices more successfully.
  • Startup founders will better understand Agile and how it scales.
  • Agile team-members including engineers, designers, product people, and scientists, will better understand the greater benefits of Agile for their particular roles.
  • Enterprise CTOs, CPOs and CFOs will gain insight into how to get the most of their Agile departments, and even find a few C-level practices that can improve communication and decision-making.

Vlad is a very strong designer. He takes the time to really understand and research so he can create graphics with layers of meaning. Truly an enjoyable and efficient experience.

— cauri jaye

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